Some time ago I had a huge wound on my back(DeCu). In former times this would have meant weeks of inpatient treatment. After a relatively short time they released me home and the bandages were changed daily. For me the topic was new territory that something like this could happen. In Germany more and more sulutions come to this market – what are your experiences?


What does homecare do and what areas do homecare companies cover?

This article brings light into the darkness and will bring forth many new homecare fans.
Many of you are probably hearing the term “homecare” for the first time. But in fact it is what we need after we are discharged from hospital to go home: the supply of e.g. medical aids, dressing materials and products for parenteral and enteral nutrition.

What does homecare do?

Homecare companies not only supply people with medical devices, they also offer a great service and thus support people and their families in the transition home. This is immensely important for quality assurance in many therapy procedures that were started in the hospital. Under the motto “Helping people to help themselves”, homecare companies provide instruction in the handling of the products used. With their certified nursing staff and trained wound experts, homecare companies are primarily concerned with good wound care, so that wounds are optimally treated and thus heal faster.

What areas do homecare companies cover?

In addition to the care of patients with chronic wounds, homecare companies are active in many other areas.

Some examples of this are as follows:

  • Systems for decubitus prophylaxis
  • instruction and accompaniment of all forms of stomatas
  • Compression Therapy
  • Parenteral and enteral nutrition with BMI determination (Body Mass Index)

My personal good experience

In this context, the company medicops from Wiesloch is highly recommendable. With its sales force all over Germany, medicops provides care for handicapped and chronically ill people. In the field of wound care, I have personally experienced that the goal of improving people’s quality of life is not just an advertising slogan, but is lived authentically. Rarely have I been surrounded by such sympathetic, professionally experienced people who have recommended the best possible therapy depending on the wound status. A beautiful experience in a less beautiful time, which I would like to pass on to you. At medicops the patient is not anonymous, but is viewed holistically. It is treated at eye level and from person to person.


So advertising is finishedno without fun unfortunately I only know this company and solution in Germany, what are your experiences? Are there homecare companies also with you in your country?


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