Paralysis, a heartbreaking for a little boy who loves baseball

Here is Will Allen, an incredibly brave kid. He may be in a wheelchair after a bad accident, but this Texas kid is impacting everyone in his life through his infections spirit and constantly positive attitude.

His father has sent an wonderful message to our magazine that we would like to share with you. These messages make us love our work even more and work harder to inspire even more people. Thank you, Will and Tim Allen!  

I just recently discovered this page and I’m so happy that I did! My 7 year old son and I were in a near fatal car accident last February. Will is currently paralyzed from right below the chest down. He and all that surround him believe that he will stand one day but know regardless of his health situation that his future is so bright. We have been introduced to a new and beautiful world since the accident. This page and seeing all these post only reinforces those thoughts. Will has become an inspiration in these last 11 months to so many. His spirit, strength and determination has been amazing to see. I just wanted to say thank you!!

Please check out their “ WillPower Community Foundation” page. The Willpower Community Foundation will seek to assist kids and families in need that have survived traumatic and life threatening experiences through financial aid and community support.

Taking this horrible situation and turning it into a positive. What transpired in our community and for our family after the accident was amazing. We are truly blessed in so many ways. We will go on to help other children like Will with spinal cord injuries. Our mission is to provide those kids and their families hope and to assist them financially where needed. -Said Tim.


Be an example to your family and your friends supporting the WillPower Foundation so that they are encouraged to contribute to their community too.

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