My new hobby – Traveling, sightseeing, having an eye for (in)accessibility and sharing it with you.

Hello community,

I am Daniel born in 1976 in Germany and I am living in south-western end of Germany now.

I say “now” because there is a longer story behind it, but this will be a topic for later maybe.

At the beginning I want to thank Roxana that she invited me to share my thoughts and experiences here.

For an awfully long time in my live I was not very adventurous and if you would have told me ten years back that I would travel to the other side of the world on my one, I would have called you nuts.

The power of affection to a woman gave me the (mental) strength and self-esteem to do things I never thought I would be able to do. Many things are only happening in your mind.

Now, I want you to become part of my journeys or trips, in close and far, from the past and in the future.

During my trips, I not just have an eye for the beauty of the place but for its accessibility also.

You may ask why I am doing so, because you will become aware that I am not impaired, but I have some experiences with friends who are wheelchair user. Thus, I am quite aware of (in)accessibility, what it means to be impaired and that there are much more obstacles than not being able to walk.

Today I want to share a collection of pictures from my journeys through New Zealand form the last few years.

If you expect that I will show you beautiful awesome sceneries now, than you are wrong.

No, because I will save this for later ;-).

You can call me strange maybe, but I will show you some public restrooms.

Yes, right! Public Toilets! Because the Kiwis show us how to do it! (Just my opinion)

Not just that there are many of them, and it also appears to me that they are just everywhere.

Many of them are made highly creative and most of them are exceptionally clean, but this depends highly on the utilization and location.

Even if they are sometimes not labelled like so, but I guess 90% are accessible in a certain kind. Maybe not with a standard like German law but spacious and equipped with some handrails.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that they mostly free of charge.

This should be just a little, maybe not complete, serious start but in the future, I will try to find a mixture of sightseeing and accessibility check.

Here is a little part of my collection, the link below the picture will guide you to the location of the restroom on g-map     .


Cheviot Public Toilets


 Hunderwasser Toilette in Kawakawa




Somewhere in Auckland

Auckland Rosengarten


 Taupo Superloo the only one which was not free of charge.


Lake Rotorua


Somewhere in Wellington


 The Store at SH1 north of Kaikoura (not accessible)?



Point Kean



South Bay Reserve, Kaikoura Peninsula Walkway




Christchurch / Sumner beach


This should be it for the beginning and don’t be afraid my upcoming post will not be only about restrooms.

All the best for all of you and I’m open for your opinions and constructive criticism.

Your Daniel




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