Marai, on the Vertical Rosetta with the prosthesis: “But I dream an eight thousand”

Heros lost a leg in a motorcycle accident and is a member of Team 3 Gambe with Moreno Pesce and Giuliano Mancini: “This year the most important achievement was the Sky Run of Mont Blanc with 2200 meters of difference in height”

It looks like a movie scene: “An alpine soldier by profession, with past missions, thanks to his preparation has blocked the bleeding with his belt until the arrival of the 118” helicopter. Instead it is a reality … fairy tale: “Sport has always been part of my life: from skydiving to rowing, mountain biking and mountain since I was young. Now I have a family with two girls aged 5 and 7. We live in the countryside in the hinterland of Lake Garda with two goats and some hens “.

Heros Marai, member of the 3Gambe Team with Moreno Pesce and Giuliano Mancini, has found his peace: “The birth of the team was a great motivational turning point”.

And here comes the moral right away: “Getting results costs labor and effort in all fields. For an amputee, then, physical activity is necessary to have a good quality of life and to be able to carry the prosthesis with more serenity both physically and mentally. Even a short period of inactivity – explains the 39-year-old from Calmasino di Bardolino on Lake Garda – atrophies the amputated limb which results in moving the prosthesis even a few steps an ordeal. This is why it is important to always be on the move: it is our health, it stimulates autonomy and improves physical and mental health “.

How to climb to go higher and higher, on the peaks and in the life of all groups: “This year the most important achievement was the Sky Run of Mont Blanc with 2200 meters in altitude, from Courmayeur to Punta Helbronner to About 3450 msl. On September 22nd we of the Team 3 Gambe will do the Vertical Rosetta, on October 6th the k2000 of Monte Bianco from Malcesine to Cima Pozzette. Climbing an 8000 is instead the dream that however I believe will remain in the drawer “.

The Rosetta Verticale Trail Run is a fascinating mountain running race, which winds on the western slope of the slopes of Cimon della Pala up to Cima Rosetta.

THE ACCIDENT – The crossroads of his life occurred on July 28, 2002 when a motorcycle accident caused him to lose his leg: “I was a riding a motorcycle with my girlfriend, now my wife. We were traveling along the Brenner motorway towards Trento, I was traveling in the fast lane, when a car that had been following me for some time slipped between me and the guardrail, making us catapult on the asphalt, the impact immediately amputated my leg. I noticed shortly after because I could not get up from the ground to save myself by moving away from the part of the road that was very busy. I had the feeling of putting my foot in a hole, but there were no holes and I realized that soon after seeing my leg a few meters from me. After some time, I was joined by two boys who stopped to help, then the mountain soldier “.

Heros found himself in a moment in another dimension: “The initial stages were difficult due to the pains that accompanied me for the following 6-7 months. I had a slow-healing open stump in order to allow for sufficient joint and to make the prosthesis attachable. I still remember the words of this Riccardo of Milano who at the accident site said that I would return to walking with a prosthesis and I would do many beautiful things.

My first dream was to go back to the mountains and run “. So, in 2003, he bought a racing leg: “And after being contacted by Alessandro Kuris in response to my emails for information on how an amputee could run, he sent me videotapes with amputated athletes running. I particularly remember Tony Volpentest. I understood that I would be back to doing the sport I had been practicing for a lifetime. In a short time I started to run with excellent results followed by entering the National team from 2004 to 2009 and participating in the Olympic Games in Athens and Beijing: I qualified in both in the Olympic final of the 100 amputees where there was also Oscar Pistorius. In 2005 I signed the Italian record of 60 indoor in 7 “71, always with an obsolete prosthesis, remained the best time until last year.” Exactly, higher and higher.

By Alberto Francescut


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