Lächeln – The smile

Alessia, a simple girl with a special smile. She chose Disabled Magazine to tell her story. She chose us to speak to the world about her suffering, but also how she found the power to overcome all the obstacles in her life.

The smile – Lächeln – as she chose to call her Facebook page where she hoped to motivate other people, especially young people, to talk and to voice the thoughts not to hide behind the silence.

She is 24 years old – a young girl who has learned a lot about life, especially that the best medicine for life is to smile. Few years ago she discovered she has MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

“ This disease, introduced me to many nuances of its presence: I stagger but I do not give up. “

At first this illness made young Alessia lose her memory instantly. She did not even remember her name, she was not able to write, but she did not give up. She used this inner diver to finish university and earn a diploma in economics.

“ My life has made me brave. Since I was a child, I lived with my father’s chronic and genetic pathology and I faced the pain of cancer that hit my mother, taking her away. Today, despite everything, I am here and I smile again. “

She is working hard to gain more followers of her Facebook page to encourage others to share their story and to be courageous. She hopes to motivate others to follow her example.

“Lächeln, “smile”, is born from the words of some people who knew Alessia:” … at twenty-three years talking with so much wisdom was not typical but it made her special.” It is not easy for her to talk about herself, but it is a new challenge that she is embracing.

In her short life she learned a lot of things and she understood that it is important to accept disappointments or otherwise do not give it too much weight because you must move forward.

“ From the beginning on my face has always been one of the most precious things, in my opinion, of life: the smile.”

When she talks about her story, people who listen are always more surprised by her inner strength and power.

Dreams, passions, the love of some people, but above all the great team of her family, have made her the person who she is today.

“ Life has placed before me many experiences that have made me grow, smile, cry and become strong. The hardest thing about my path is still being able to open about my life and story in conversation ”

She chose to open Lächeln because, over the years and through personal experiences, she realized that there is an important need that is often underestimated: to give voice to those who do not have it.

The page is open to those who would like to tell their own story and connect with people who have had similar experiences, for those who need to let off steam, for those who simply want advice, to enjoy life, to laugh and to say that, despite everything, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!

Everyone is free to share their story or experience with others; to give advice, compare with each other! Nobody is forced to expose her/himself, but everyone is free to do it.

We believe a lot in this project and we hope to support those who need it. You could help people who need motivation by directing them to Lächeln.

For this we thank you in advance for all those who will support Alessia in this new adventure!

We invite you to look for Lächeln – Alessia De Filippo’s page:


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