In war with the disease

Riccardo Aldighieri, 19, from Vicenza, Italy – he is suffering from infant cerebral paralysis and keeps it under control while remaining active and doing all the “normal” things of any boy of his age. A boy with a contagious smile, a boy who has long learned to appreciate life and look for the best in it.

“Despite everything, though sometimes my illness makes me feel tired or tired, but I never give up on having fun. ”

But where does this guy take the strength to fight with life?

“I would say that the strength I take from myself as my greatest goal is to overcome all of my limitations and to live alive at 100%.

My family is very united and that’s why they give me so much, they are always for me and I have learned from them never to overcome and to overcome even the worst situations always trying to make the most of the most difficult moments. ”

His mother unfortunately last year was affected by a “lymphoma of Hodgkin” a cancerous lining of the lymphatic system, by miracle it has come out very well and this thing has made it all the more strong and united because it is precisely in the tragic situations that we learn to value small things.

A united family is the strength to win a war as a disease, and they are the emblem of the term “family” are not like some that when they encounter an obstacle, the first thing they do is to flee. Many lack the courage to fight for a better life, and lose the beauty of a united family, never feeling alone, and for this reason Riccardo is a lucky boy.

Does his mother who with her illness has been able to give boldness to her son and never give up, or did Riccardo do this for her? But the secret lies in the values of an immense family where the challenges of life are faced, where the smile is given to everyone, where dreams are not abandoned but fed to live and not survive.

And in dreams Riccardo has one in particular that fascinates him and is the world of fashion where the hope of realizing it one day is to become a successful international designer.

“Unfortunately, given my illness I can not sew but I love to create, draw and design, that’s why I would take some modelers who make me a real team.”

Words that make him understand how strong and determined he is and this is a feature that will make him take it to accomplish this great desire.

Riccardo is an example, an inspiration, and his family is the wonderful recipe for his essence.

Riccardo sends a message to all of you readers:

“Never give up and follow my motto or is so that in my opinion you will be really good. ”

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