Electronic Mind-Controlled Wheelchair

This kid is an actual genius! Get this – he and two classmates, designed and built an electronic mind-controlled wheelchair! Yup, you read that right!

His name is Alvaro. He’s 26 (I know he looks younger!) Not only is he a genius (IQ in the high 150s) he’s also a very compassionate person: he flew from another city to fix my wheelchair! Unfortunately he spent most of his limited time working on my broken wheelchair and had very little time to get me trained on using his amazing invention. He trained me for about 20 minutes a few hours before his flight back home and then I got in the wheelchair with the results you see in the clips below. Not bad for a first attempt, huh? I understand it takes a couple of weeks to be able to learn how to fully control and operate this amazing wheelchair and drive it with nothing but your mind!

The implications of this are HUGE for the disabled community!

Oh, did I mention that he and his teammates were only in their early 20s when they created this wheelchair? They were still college students!


Alvaro also builds robots. A couple of months ago, NASA (yes, that NASA) invited him and flew him over to the U.S. to participate in a contest.

Now I understand why my wheelchair broke down. I was meant to meet this compassionate genius. I hope I can help him connect with the right people so he can get the support he needs. He wants to build an improved version of this wheelchair with the experience he gained in the years after he built this one.

What inspired him to design and build a mind-controlled wheelchair? A severely disabled person he met.

Let there be more Alvaros! The world sorely needs them!

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