Better is Coming by Kendall Renee

Kendall Renee is a Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist and disability advocate from Southern California. Until now, what many didn’t know about Kendall is that she was born with a rare medical condition that’s almost taken her life many times. However, Kendall refuses to let her special needs stop her from accomplishing her dreams. She is on a mission to use her music as a message of hope for the masses, and to inspire others that it’s okay to be different.
Kendall has dreamed of making this video for a very long time. After many years of work, Kendall was finally able to bring her vision to life this year with the support of Aerie by American Eagle Outfitters. Kendall was the only musical artist chosen out of The United States, Canada, & Puerto Rico by Aerie to become an official Aerie Changemaker. Through Kendall’s partnership with Aerie, Aerie granted Kendall the funds to make the official Better is Coming music video, which showcases the inspiring stories of individuals with special needs, including her own. Kendall co-wrote the song Better is Coming with Richard Harris & Warren Sellers about her life’s trials. Kendall is thrilled to not only partner with an incredible brand that she loves, but to be able to represent the disabled community in such a positive way to create change through her music. Her hope is that this video will be a movement, and that with every view it can help change the way people with disabilities are seen, heard,celebrated, & inspired.
Within this video, you’ll get a real taste for what it’s truly like to live with special needs. You’ll see flashbacks of young Kendall being wheeled into an ambulance as a child, showing the truth in the trials where Better is Coming all began. You’ll then be transported into a doctor’s office waiting room, where two incredible moms of disabled children have a very special moment. Michelle (mother to Eli) reaches out her hand to comfort Ashley (mother to Ever) after a discouraging doctor’s appointment, offering the lyrics “These pages hold more than today”.
You’ll also get to see the truth behind how important inclusion is at a young age, when you see Aeverie’s scene. She is sitting alone by herself at the allergen friendly table, while the other kids are happily playing without her, when another young girl named Raelynn reaches out to invite her to play, including her and her service dog in on all the fun. The climax of thevideo comes when Sami, a young woman with a severe metabolic disorder that forces her tobe hooked up to life saving machines at all times, is looking in the mirror. She is all dressed up in a beautiful gown, but all she can focus on is her frustration with her lines and tubes. She throws her prom ticket on the ground, when Kendall walks in to pick it up. Kendall then reveals her own feeding tube and helps Sami pack up her pumps & IV bags into a backpack, sending her off to prom with the confidence she needs, knowing that she is not defined by her disability.

In the final moments of the video you see Kendall playing at a live event to thousands of people, showing that no matter what you face, you can always come out on the other side. You can always succeed, as long as you never give up. Better is always coming.
For more information about Kendall Renee & the Betteris Coming Project, go to: You can find Better is Coming by Kendall Renee anywhere music is streamed & sold.

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